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Semi-caps have a closed radius that ensures the easy and damage-free insertion of gaskets in mechanical parts with sharp edges.


They are predominately used to protect  gaskets, cylinder heads, shims, valve, valve guides and bearings.

They are also used for the easy insertion and protection of O-rings in combustion engines to avoid damage; the closed radius also prevents caps from slipping on the valve.

This product is also used when inserting Dunlop, Schrader and Presta valves in tyres to prevent the valve metal from damaging the tyre.


The raw material used is UL certified low heat shrink polyester AHS - 2LSO.

Semi-caps are supplied with internal diameter ranging between 5 and 12 mm, thickness between 75 and 150 micron, and length over 7 mm.

The closed radius can be between 2 and 5 mm long. The semi-caps are also supplied in custom colours, including stripes for easy identification.


Adhesives in all products meet REACH and ROHS standards and guarantee that the original properties of the films used are fully maintained.