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Heat shrink Bullnose caps - endcaps


These precision products are electrical insulating heat shrink caps for insulating electrical components such as crimping terminals and connections to magnet wires within electric motors, connections in motors and transformers or thermal switches used within motor windings. 


Multilayers Bullnose spiral wound endcaps enable the tube width to be reduced at one end, helping its insertion into the copper windings of electrical motors and avoiding damage to the enamelled wire.



The bullnose closure lets the cap maintain the tube’s diameter in the seal area, reducing its overall size.


They are mainly used to secure and insulate wire connections in hermetic electric motors ;  they also  provide secondary insulation and mechanical protection for wiring looms.


The product offers perfect and fast positioning, also thanks to the heat shrink technique.


We supply the following heat shrink bullnose endcaps:


1. Mylar HS bullnose caps endcaps - Polyester HS bullnose caps endcaps

2. Nomex 410 /Mylar A bullnose caps endcaps - Nomex 410 /Polyester A bullnose caps endcaps

3. Nomex 411/Mylar HS bullnose caps endcaps - Nomex411 /Polyester HS bullnose caps endcaps

4. Low shrink bullnose caps endcaps - Type AHS, 2 LSO

5. Class F Non woven polyester bullnose caps endcaps



All raw materials used, including Polyester A (Mylar® A) are supplied by the industry’s world leaders, are all UL certified and provide excellent electric, thermal, chemical and environmental insulation.


Accurately combined, they can be used in a wide range of temperatures between -269°C and +180°C.

Bullnose endcaps are supplied with internal diameter ranging between 5 and 12 mm and thickness between 100 and 500 micron.

The standard seal length is between 4 and 5 mm and may vary upon request. Endcaps are also supplied in custom colours, including stripes for easy identification.


Adhesives in all products meet REACH and ROHS standards and guarantee that the original properties of the films used are fully maintained.


(  Mylar - Nomex - Kapton are DuPont registered trademark )