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Noise reduction spiral wound continuous shrink and not shrink sleeve - tube

For more than twenty years Politubes has been offering a unique "spiral wound continuos shrink sleeve"using only heat shrink polyester specific for eletrical purposes (Mylar® HS UL nr E 93687).

This sleeve is supplied in rolls and bobbins of several hundred meters. Its function is:


1. Reduce noise by various decibel in universal washing machine rotors

2. Protect rotor magnets againt dust extending its life

3. Compact rotor surface where there are grooves fixing rotor balancing


This is a multilayer spiral wound continuous shrink tube and this guarantees a superior dielectric strength and mechanical resistance.

The positioning and heat shrink pocess ( few seconds ) enables extensive use of automatic production equipment.

This hi-tech tube is produced with a spiral wound technology without any overlapping of layers.


We use spiral wound process and not a "flat cigarette" tubes (like we did till 90's) with a simple overlapping of layers because our customers had asked:


• a perfect roundness of the tubes that is the only way to guarantee the rotor balancing ; on the other hand overlaps of layers will cause the rotor unbalancing where is the overlap of layers that of course may cause many problems to the motors.

• higher mechanical strenght.

• to avoid breaks and ruptures in the overlapping areas after the heat shrink process.


Its perfect roundness improves as well the rotor balancing and even after being heat shrunk, the tube does not interfere with the ventilation duct and magnetic motor flux.

Thanks to perfect insertion automation and instant tube heat shrinking on the rotor ( video below ), the product is perfectly suited for automated production processes.

It is supplied with very low thicknesses thickness ranging between 50 and 75 micron, wound on rolls of several hundred metres long to optimise logistics and reduce transport costs.


Adhesives in all products meet REACH and ROHS standards and guarantee that the original properties of the films used are fully maintained.