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Hi-Tech Films and Release liners

Politubes has developed the know-how and the experience necessary for the production of some special high-tech fims.

Main technologies used are heat lamination, embossing and corrugation surface treatment and heat stabilization of flexible films.


Politubes specializes in the production of:


  1. POLIWAVE : Corrugated polyester with excellent locking properties during winding process for energy cables insulations.
  2. POLITHERM : Heat stabilized polyester for various industrial applications
  3. POLIREL : Embossed polyester and polyethylene with excellent release qualities for the tire industry.



Politubes also provides to the tire industry a new release liner called POLINET.

This liner is a Polyester/net/Polyester combined reinforced and embossed in a second step in order to improve release properties which offers:


  • excellent release qualities which avoid tire strain or distortion of the rubber tire
  • reduced cost of machine downtime and its production waste for tyre ( tire) producers
  • high tearing resistance
  • longer life that allows its reuse till 20-25 times more than traditional poducts
  • reduced impact on the environment and reduced cost of disposal



Politubes’ R&D office is open to your requests and can suggest innovative solutions.