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Lay flat shrink and not shrink polyester sleeve with or without overlap - joins free

Lay-Flat polyester  tube also known as the "cigarette tube", is made by overlapping the film edges.


This flat sleeve can be offered already cut in the requested lenght or rewinded in rolls or spools without joins  in order to improve all logistics matters and increase production output.


The dielectric strengh features of the film used remain unaltered.

 This tube has the benefit of being supplied wound in rolls or bobbins without joins till one thousand meters / ten thousands ft, an essential advantage for automatic machines.


This product may be customised in different colours according to the customer’s specific needs.

These tubes are mainly used to:


  • Join of various components and wires in electric motors and compressors
  • For bus bar insulation.
  • Capacitors
  • Coil Windings
  • Lithium and other batteries
  • Battery Packs
  • Noise reduction for washing machine rotors 
  • Protection tubes evaporators
  • Heat exchanger
  • Static condensor


The tubes are supplied with internal diameter ranging between 10 and 280 mm and thickness between 50 and 180 micron.


Adhesives in all products meet REACH and ROHS standards and guarantee that the original properties of the films used are fully maintained.