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Spiral wound Heat shrink - Non shrink Insulation tubes and sleeves

Multilayers spiral wound tubes and endcaps are used in various thermal and electrical insulation applications also to ensure a higher mechanical resistance and chemical protection.

Thanks to our multi layers spiral wound technology, we are able to combine different type of films  inside a single tubular or endcaps.

The result is somehow unique also because the combinations of layers are always specially customized for our customers.


We supply:


  1. Nomex 410 & 411 tubes - Nomex 410 & 411 tubing - Nomex sleeves types 410 & 411
  2. Nomex/Mylar A tubes - Nomex/Mylar A tubing - Nomex/Mylar A sleeves
  3. Nomex/Mylar HS tubes - Nomex/Mylar HS tubing - Nomex/Mylar HS sleeves
  4. Mylar A tubes - Mylar A tubing - Mylar A sleeves - Polyester A tubes - Polyester A tubing - Polyester A sleeves
  5. Mylar HS tubes - Mylar HS tubing - Mylar HS sleeves - Polyester HS tubes - Polyester HS tubing - Polyester HS sleeves
  6. Low shrink Polyester AHS and 2LSO tubes , tubing sleeves
  7. Non woven tubes - Non woven tubing - Non woven sleeves DM - DMD Class F
  8. Mica tubes - Mica tubing - Mica sleeves
  9. Kraft paper tubes - Kraft tubing - Kraft sleeves
  10. Kapton tubes - Kapton tubing - Kapton sleeves - Polyimide tubes - Polyimide tubing - Polymide sleeves


Spiral-wound consists of pairing a series of tapes coated with adhesive, rolling them up in a spiral around a spindle.
The product obtained has a tubular shape and incorporates all the technical features found in each of its components; in the second step of manufacturing the product is turned into tubes or caps with different seals.


Spiral-wound sleevings offer a superior electrical and thermal and insulation in many components.


The technology employed by Politubes enables them to produce bespoke coiled tubes with a myriad of features specifically requested by the client: thickness between 0,05 and 0,7 mm, diameters from 1,8 to 155 mm and coloring to name a few.


They can be supplied cut in lenght ( from 6 mm till 14.000 mm ) or rewound in rolls - spools of several hundred meters.

Our tubes end endcaps may have the following seals:


1. Spiral-wound heat - non heat shrink, AHS , 2LSO tubes or endcaps
2. Ultrasonic welded spiral-wound endcaps
3. Ultrasonically spot-welded spiral-wound endcaps
4. Bullnose spiral-wound endcaps
5. Spiral-wound semi-caps


Politubes Research and Development team are more than happy to receive your requests for a specific criteria.


( Mylar - Nomex - Kapton are DuPont registered trademark )