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Spiral wound Heat shrink - Non shrink Insulation tubes and sleeves

Multi wall spiral wound tubes and endcaps are used in various thermal and electrical insulation applications also to ensure an excellent chemical protection.

These tubes are chosen also for their higher mechanical strenght and perforation protection.

Thanks to our multi layers spiral wound technology, we are able to combine different type of films  inside a single tubular or endcaps.

The result is somehow unique also because the combinations of layers are always specially customized for our customers.


We supply:


  1. Nomex 410 & 411 tubes - Nomex 410 & 411 tubing - Nomex sleeves types 410 & 411
  2. Nomex/Mylar A tubes - Nomex/Mylar A tubing - Nomex/Mylar A sleeves
  3. Nomex/Mylar HS tubes - Nomex/Mylar HS tubing - Nomex/Mylar HS sleeves
  4. Mylar A tubes - Mylar A tubing - Mylar A sleeves - Polyester A tubes - Polyester A tubing - Polyester A sleeves
  5. Mylar HS tubes - Mylar HS tubing - Mylar HS sleeves - Polyester HS tubes - Polyester HS tubing - Polyester HS sleeves
  6. Low shrink Polyester AHS and 2LSO tubes , tubing sleeves
  7. Non woven tubes - Non woven tubing - Non woven sleeves DM - DMD Class F
  8. Mica tubes - Mica tubing - Mica sleeves
  9. Kraft paper tubes - Kraft tubing - Kraft sleeves
  10. Kapton tubes - Kapton tubing - Kapton sleeves - Polyimide tubes - Polyimide tubing - Polymide sleeves


Spiral-wound multi wall consists of pairing a series of tapes coated with adhesive, rolling them up in a spiral around a spindle.
The product obtained has a tubular shape and incorporates all the technical features found in each of its components; in the second step of manufacturing the product is turned into tubes or caps with different seals.


Spiral-wound sleevings offer a superior electrical and thermal and insulation in many components.


The technology employed by Politubes enables them to produce bespoke coiled tubes with a myriad of features specifically requested by the client: thickness between 0,05 and 0,7 mm, diameters from 1,8 to 155 mm and coloring to name a few.


They can be supplied cut in lenght ( from 6 mm till 14.000 mm ) or rewound in rolls - spools of several hundred meters.

Our tubes end endcaps may have the following seals:


1. Spiral-wound heat - non heat shrink, AHS , 2LSO tubes or endcaps
2. Ultrasonic welded spiral-wound endcaps
3. Ultrasonically spot-welded spiral-wound endcaps
4. Bullnose spiral-wound endcaps
5. Spiral-wound semi-caps


Politubes Research and Development team are more than happy to receive your requests for a specific criteria.


( Mylar - Nomex - Kapton are DuPont registered trademark )